Fabrizio Paladin

Theater / Workshop / Music

"Commedia Del'Arte is the foundation of most modern comedy. Unfortunately it is often presented like an exhibit in a museum, frozen and without life. Then I saw the show created by Fabrizio Paladin. With only two actors, in an early production of the show at the Celebration Barn Theater in the US, the world of Commedia is brought to life in such and exciting way that you have to see it to believe it. Don't miss this one."
Avner Eisenberg - American vaudeville performer, clown, mime


FABRIZIO PALADIN is an award winning actor, playwright, director and musician who comes from Treviso, Italy.

With an expertise in Commedia dell'Arte and improvisation, he holds a graduate degree from University of Bologne in Literature and Philosophy.

Theatrical teacher and performer for what concerns Commedia dell'Arte and the Comic Theatre, keeping lessons, lectures and shows in Italy, in USA, Japan, Hawaii, Portugal, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Tunisia, Israel, Ukraine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Hungary and Norway.

His book about Commedia, mask, and improvisation, "Il Teatro e la Maschera", has been published by FIRENZELIBRI in 2008.

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