Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte

Between tradition and innovation

Come and discover the world of Commedia Dell'Arte from an exciting and lively perspective, based on a respect for historical tradition, but also proving that Commedia can be a very contemporary theatrical creation method.

Conceived and lead by Fabrizio Paladin.

During this intensive course you will be guided step by step through the techniques necessary to authentically understand and perform Commedia Dell'Arte. You will gain an insight into the rich history of Commedia Dell'Arte and learn about its stock characters. We will work physically to find each character's essential shape and movement. You will also learn about the techniques of performing the Masks, with the opportunity to work with original Commedia leather masks created by Carlo Setti and Fabrizio Paladin.

After an introduction to technique and characters, we will start with simple improvisations, creating scenes and adding new theatrical techniques such as the use of props or music, as well as fight coreography.

*Commedia Dell'arte (also known as Improvvisa, Commedia Zannesca or Italiana) began in Italy during the first half of the sixteenth century, and went on to become the primary form of theatre performed by professional actors. Unlike modern theatre, where set lines and cues are set down in a script, most Commedia performances follow what is known as a canovaccio – a kind of outline, or collection of sketches that provides the fundamental framework for the action: the themes, the entrances and exits, etc. Commedia actors improvise, following the structure of the canovaccio and the fixed characteristics of their own characters.

Who is it for?

The workshop does not require any previous experience. You can be a professional performer looking for ways to improve or a complete beginner who is interested in theatre and would like to learn a new technique.

"The method I propose is based on the mask as an instrument for the professional and personal development of the actor. The Commedia dell'Arte should not be understood as a genre or style but as a technique for theatrical creation not focused on dramaturgy or the director but exclusively on the actor."
Fabrizio Paladin

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